Meet The SKU Kids

Traci came to Sky Kids in 2014.

Her mother was very ill with HIV, thankfully Traci was born without being infected.




STATUS:  1/2 Funded
Traci Still Needs Supporter(s)

Axam came to Sky Kids in 2014.

SKU was notified by the local authorities that his mother had abandoned him.

Axam is a full spirited little boy in need of funding.

Axam Still Needs Supporter(s)

Stella is a ‘SKU In Home Child‘.

In Stella’s case her home life is ok and no need to be removed, but as she is the oldest, and was made to quit school to work and help pay for her younger siblings.

For girls - school is at the very bottom on the priority list.
It's not uncommon for them to be married out as young as 13 years old.


She was at very high risk of the family considering to marry her out soon.

Now it's 2019 & Stella....

Now she's a fully licensed hair stylist!!

See all of her updates on our Facebook page!!


WhatsApp Image 2018-12-24 at 6.29.29 PM

Sophia came to Sky Kids in 2014.

You will always find her in good spirit, it’s so special to see that no matter what. She will overcome and we want her to go even further.


STATUS:  1/2 Funded

Sophia Still Needs Supporter(s)

Jose came to Sky Kids in 2015.
After speaking with the family, SKU decided it best he come live at the care center.

His "Partner in Crime" is (Axam) right here to the left.. When these two are together. There will be laughter!!!



Jose Still Needs Supporter(s)

Ronald received FULL Funding in 2014
SKU Family Harderwijk-Netherlands


Ronald was 16 years old here.



Now in 2019!!!

Ronald about to turn 22yr
He's now a licensed auto mechanic


He is still supported by his Family in The Netherlands

See all of his updates on our Facebook page!!



Beatrice came to Sky Kids in 2013.
Her father had recently abandoned her and her mother was not caring for her.
At the SKU care center she has blossomed into an amazing young girl.


See all of her updates on our Facebook page!!

Asuman is a very special young boy in the eyes of SKU. Living close by he would often offer to do odd jobs as his way of showing his support for SKU.
In early 2015 his life took a sudden change, a change that could only be helped with love from Sky Kids



Asuman Still Needs Supporter(s)

Henry & Prossy were not only reunited with their brother Ronald after many years apart.

They have BOTH received FULL FUNDING!!


Henry is fully funded by our SKU Family Rotterdam-Netherlands


Prossy is also FULLY FUNDED by our SKU families Harderwijk & Rotterdam joining together to help change the lives of these children.
Read all about this wonderful friendship that grew into a family!

2019 - Prossy is still in school and doing very well!

2019 - Henry is now a fully licensed building worker!!!

See all of their updates on our Facebook page!!


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