Sky Kids Uganda (SKU)
Proof that people like you and me can make a difference.


SKU started back in 2007, but it became an online focus in 2013. Since this time so many wonderful things have happened. Clothes have been sent to Lweza from people around the world. Food for the village children has been provided. School fees have been paid. Children are being supported.
It's a special feeling. We can't wait to see what is in the near future for the special place of Lweza.


You know what the great thing is about giving to SKU?

100% of your money goes DIRECT to the children and families in need.


So many times we want to help, but to be honest you get frustrated not knowing where your money is really going.


Not with SKU! We clearly post every donation for the world to see as well as updates for what those donations went towards.



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